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Sports Reveiw 8/20/15

Sports Review


The Yankees beat the Twins 4-3.
The Mets fell to the Orioles 5-4.
The Red Sox beat the Indians 6-4.

7th Grade Common Core Results

The State Education Department released the results of the 2015 grades 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and math tests.. Today we continue our series on the results of our local districts. Each day, we will give you the results of another grade.

Lowville Man Arrested for Grand Larceny

Lowville- An 18 year old Lowville Man was arrested yesterday. The Lowville Village Police arrested Issac P. Juby, charging him with fourth degree Grand Larceny, a class "E" felony.

Carthage Woman Arrested

A 34 year old Carthage woman was arrested by New York State Police out of Lowville and charged with burglary.

Lewis County Sheriff Candidate

A long-time Lewis County sheriff’s deputy has come forward to challenge Sheriff Michael P. Carpinelli as an independent candidate. According to an article in the Johnson newspaper group, Todd  Galarneau of Lowville, who has served as a full-time deputy for 16 years, filed an independent nominating petition to run for a four-year term as sheriff under the “Leading the Way” party name.


Woodsman's Field Days Interview

 Phyllis White has more information on an auction and traffic plans for this years parade that will be held on Saturday!!

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