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Sports Review 7/18/15

Sports Review:


The Yankees open up their second half of this season with a win against Seattle, 4-3.
The Mets fell short of the Cardinals 3-2.

315 Area Code Change

Phone users in the 315 area code will have another area code to deal with., the state Public Service Commission ordered the new area code to be implemented as an overlay, which means it will cover the same 18-county region served by 315.

Lewis County Sales Tax

Lewis County received $121,057 less in Sales Tax  this year than in the same period last year, a drop of 4 percent, according to records released by the state Department of Taxation and Finance and as reported by the Johnson Newspaper Group.

Boonville Police Blotter 7/5/15-7/11/15

Source: Release

20 year old Justin Moran from Boonville was arrested Monday evening by Boonville Police. Moran was charged with a violation of the ABC law for possession of alcohol by someone under the age of 21.

Police Blotter 7/17/15

In our police blotter: Source; Press Release 

A 37 year old Lowville Man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly fled a traffic stop on  the NumberFourRoad, in the Town of Watson.

Be Open Act

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik introduced the Be Open Act yesterday. In a press release, her office called the “Be Open Act”  commonsense legislation to help ensure that employer-sponsored coverage – the backbone of the US health care system – remains a competitive option for employees.

Sports Review 7/17/15

Sports Review:

Adirondack Trailblazers: Your Blazers took revenge against the Utica Brewers last night, a score 15-8. Chris Quitzer of the Blazers helped contribute with a three run home run!! The Blazers have their next home game this Sunday. It will be an exhibition matchup between a team from Canada.

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