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Millions saved due to insurance fraud measures

Governor Cuomo announced that over $500 million has been saved since 2011 due to innovative efforts to prevent Unemployment Insurance fraud in New York State. Employers across the state contribute to New York's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. When the Trust Fund is forced to pay out because of a fraudulent claim, employers have to pay more, and that means consumers pay more as well. The main technologies that the state Department of Labor uses to help prevent and detect fraud are new-hire and incarceration data cross-matching, data mining and foreign Internet Protocol address blocking.

School districts ranked by cost effectiveness

We continue our series today on the academic performance of local school districts done by the Buffalo Business First Journal based on a survey based on four years of Data from the New York State Education Department. Today we look at the 2014 rankings of Upstate New York's 432 school districts in terms of cost-effectiveness. Cost effectiveness meaning academic performance when compared to tax dollars spent. Best Scores are given to the districts that are the most cost effective. In our area we have Beaver River ranking 26th out of the 432 districts surveyed...followed by 56th ranked Carthage; Followed by Holland Patent 102nd place Copenhagen 141st place Lowville Academy in 147th place, Adirondack in 274th place Harrisville ranked 326th, Town of Webb ranked 369th South Lewis is at 388 and finally Remsen ranked 406th out of 432 schools in upstate NY in Cost Effectiveness. We asked projects editor Scott Thomas if there were any surprises in the survey results.

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Tomorrow we look at how our area schools are ranked when student's college plans are considered.

Local school districts ranked on socio-economic climate

We continue our report today on the academic performance of local school districts done by the Buffalo Business First Journal based on a survey based on four years of Data from the New York State Education Department. Today we look at academic ratings when the socio-economic climate of the district is considered. The best scores are given to districts that do better academically than their socioeconomic climates would suggest. 4 of our local districts definitely over performed in this category. In fact these four schools scored in the top 50 districts based on academic performance when the socio-economic climate of the area is concerned: The Carthage Central district was rated 21st place out of 432 districts followed by Lowville academy in 23rd place; Beaver River at 26th place; and Copenhagen at 34th place. Holland Patent ranked in 119th place and South Lewis in 170th. The Following Districts underperformed in this category: The Town of Webb ranked 343; Adirondack Central Ranked 362; and Remsen Central at 374. Once again, this is out of 432 upstate districts. Once again, Projects Editor Scott Thomas discusses how the list was compiled.

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We will have more of the survey results tomorrow.

Buffalo publication ranks local school districts

The Buffalo Business First Journal has rated the academic performances of 432 public school districts in the 48 counties of Upstate New York, based on four years of test data from the New York State Education Department. We spoke with Scott Thomas, Projects Editor with Buffalo Business First Journal, who discusses how the list was compiled.

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We will look at the local school rankings tomorrow.

Here is the latest overall rating of area schools based on their state rank.

Beaver River

Town of Webb

Holland Patent

Lowville Academy

156. Copenhagen

257. Carthage

304. South Lewis

310. Adirondack

319. Harrisville

329. Remsen

In Comparison, New Hartford ranked 13 in Upstate and Clinton ranked 33. Rome School ranked 383.

We will break down each area district in the various categories throughout the week.

Newport man charged with burglary

A 20 year old Newport man has been arrested for burglary 2nd degree, which is a class-C felony. State Police in Marcy arrested Antonio Boyer was charged after an investigation of a burglary at a private residence on September 17th in the Town of Trenton. He was arraigned in the Town of New York Mills and was remanded to Oneida County Jail in lieu of $20,000 cash bail.

Lowville woman charged with hitting female

A 23 year old Lowville woman has been charged with harassment 2nd degree. Lowville Police report that Melissa Snyder was charged stemming from a September 25th incident where she allegedly got into a physical altercation with another female, reportedly slapping her across the face. Snyder was issued a criminal summons returnable to Village of Lowville Court.

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