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Carthage man charged with criminal mischief

A domestic incident led to charges for a 23 year old Carthage man. Watertown City Police report that Tyler Wilkinson was charged Friday afternoon with disorderly conduct for allegedly following his girlfriend down State Street while waving his arms around and yelling at her. Wilkinson will appear in City Court November 10th.

Harrisville woman charged with DWI

A traffic stop led to charges for a 37 year old Harrisville woman. State Police report that Melissa McIntosh was stopped on Old State Road in the Town of Croghan early Sunday morning & charged with DWI. Her blood/alcohol content was not available at the time of the press release. McIntosh will answer the charge in Town of Croghan Court.

Forestport woman charged with issuing a bad check

A 35 year old Forestport woman was charged with 2 counts of issuing a bad check. Boonville Police report that Tina Phillips was served with criminal summonses & was released to return to Village of Boonville Court November 12th to answer the charges.

Lowville man escapes vehicle fire in Watertown

A Lowville man escaped serious injury following a car fire on Sunday in the City of Watertown. The Johnson Newspapers report that Francis
Goutremout was returning to Lowville following a church service & was stopped in Public Square at the Arsenal Street Intersection when a passerby, identified as Frank McAdams observed smoke rising from underneath Goutremout's car. McAdams walked over to the car & told Goutremout that his car was on fire. Goutremout got out of the car while McAdams called 911. City police and fire crews quickly responded
& had the fire out in a matter of minutes. The front end of the car sustained massive damage. Fire crews spent about 20 minutes spraying
water into the car to cool it down. Goutremout stated that he had just gotten his car back from the shop for transmission problems a few days earlier.

Lyons Falls Halloween Curfew Law to go into effect

The Village of Lyons Falls has announced that their annual Halloween Curfew Law will go into effect tomorrow evening. Starting at 8 p.m. tomorrow, a siren will sound each day of the curfew to serve notice that the curfew is in effect. During this time, all persons, particularly minors, shall not roam at large, loiter, congregate, or travel indiscriminately within the municipal limits of the Village of Lyons Falls. It shall also be unlawful to possess quantities of vegetables, eggs, shaving cream, toilet paper, or other objects that threaten the life, liberty, & property of village residents or to otherwise disturb the peace. Fines of $50 for each separate violation will be in effect or community service will be imposed. The curfew will end at sunrise on November 2nd.

BRCS Superintendent reacts to school survey

Last week, we aired a series on the survey Buffalo Business First Journal conducted, ranking the school districts in upstate New York. We had the opportunity to speak with Beaver River Central School Superintendent Leueen Smithling, who gave her reaction to the report.

Audio Interview

We have contact school superintendents in the area & will air their reactions as they return our requests.

Congressional candidate discusses succeeding Owens

Democratic Congressional candidate Aaron Wolff paid a visit to Lowville. We had the opportunity to speak with him & asked him about
possibility succeeding Congressman Bill Owens.

Audio Interview

We will have more with Mr. Wolff tomorrow.

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