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Fort Drum Loophole

The state is closing a loophole that allowed companies to lend money to people in the military at very high interest rates. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that the state is cracking down on what's called the "Fort Drum Loophole."

Boonville Police Blotters 7/7/15

33 year old Ryan Hance  from Boonville was arrested Thursday evening by Boonville Police. Hance was charged with a violation code for using profane, vulgar, or obscene language in a public place.

Fort Drum Cuts and School Performances

The decisions in the balance of potential cuts being made at Fort Drum may be correlated with local school performance quality. Reports say that education quality can make or break soldiers in the Army.

Sports Review 7/7/15

Sports Review:


The Mets shut down the Giants 3-0.
The Twins walked off against the Orioles in the 10th inning a score 4-2.
The Reds beat the Nationals 3-2.
The Phillies lost to the Dodgers 10-7.
The White Sox doubled up the Blue Jays 4-2.

Adirondack Trailblazers:

The Blazers take on the Elmira Pioneers tonight in Boonville at 7:05pm, weather pending. 

ATV Lawsuit

Jefferson County Family Court Judge Peter Schwerzmann, (SCHWERZ men) serving as an acting Supreme Court justice will allow a five-year-old legal challenge seeking annulment of a 2009 law opening Lewis County roads to all-terrain vehicle will continue after all.

Police Blotter 7/6/15

Lewis County Sheriff's Deputies arrested a Lyons Falls man following a domestic dispute. Deputies report that Richard A. Johnson was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife.


The proposed wind farm in the Town of Denmark will have slightly fewer windmills than originally proposed. The status of the wind farm will be reviewed at a community meeting tomorrow night.

Harassment Charges

A 42 year old Lowville woman was arrested on Friday and charged with harassment charges. The Lowville Village Police Department arrested Lisa Edick

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