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Broadcast Advertisement

Broadcast advertising is that which will be aired on the radio. We are proud that many local businesses tune their radio stations to us, as well as thousands of households locally. By advertising on our radio station, you are reaching potentially hundreds of thousands of people each broadcast!

Call (315) 376-7500 or email for details!

  • The power of suggestion is extremely effective.
  • The moose creates the ads in the studio at no extra charge!
  • Low rates and package deals are also available.

Website Advertisement

Website advertisements are those which will be placed on this very website in the form of either a text link or graphic link - depending on your preference and budget. With the type of aggressive advertising we've been doing of this website, you're very likely going to see results!

Call (315) 376-7500 or email for details!

  • You supply us with the graphic or information very simply by email, or let us know what you like, and we can design it for you using the expertise and graphic design of the Coughlin Printing Group (
  • One fee covers it all and you can be posted on multiple pages. There is virtually no limit to the visibility of your ad!
  • Low rates and package deals may also be available.
  • We are contracted with Selah Studio to custom design your banner if you do not already have one made.


EEO Public File Report

Effective March 21, 2005, the station employment unit (SEU) does not employee 5 or more full time (30 hours or more) employees. We will continue to widely disseminate employment information and encourage women and minorities to apply for positions at The Flack Broadcasting Group.