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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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Latest News:

Lewis County Dispatcher Files Lawsuit

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher who was terminated in November has filed a lawsuit.

Town Of Webb Police Blotter Part Two

Source: Town of Webb Police

A Holland Patent man was arrested and charged by the Town of Webb Police. Reports indicate that Luke Schrider was arrested following the investigation of a motor vehicle accident led by the State Police in Remsen.

Winter Fest In Brantingham!

Terminally Ill People. The Right To Choose a Peaceful Death.

An issue that went cold after heated debate in the past has come back to the front burner. According to a report in WWNY, two State Assembly members along with other supporters are claiming that terminally ill people should have the option to end their life, minimize suffering.

Basketball Playoff's

League officials and coaches gathered recently in Section 3’s offices to seed the boys and girls basketball playoff tournaments. Many of our local basketball teams made the tournament this year!


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